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Welcome, dear English-speaking vampires! We're afraid that you reached our Polish-only Anne Rice site. The site which was born in a terrible pain and suffer caused by html / php / RosiRiceans to webmistress - Corbeau. Some thought it would never come to the light! The internet offers hundreds of English sites about Rice's books. But, there haven't been a good Polish one so far. We decided to change it. So, this site is not meant to be bilingual. As for now, We're not intending to make an English version of it.

We'd like to recommend the following l i n k to all those of you seeking information about Anne Rice and her work. It's her official American Web Site, and it has all the hottest information about her new projects, transcripts of the phone messages appearing on her fan phone line, her biography, pictures, and many many more. Check it out, it's really worth it.

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